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Autism (also termed autism spectrum condition and Asperger syndrome) can affect people in different ways, bringing both strengths and challenges. 

You may be considering undergoing an assessment for autism, or you may have received a diagnosis and are now considering what this means for you.

I have extensive experience supporting autistic individuals, as well as carrying out professional autism assessments.  The focus of my Masters Degree and dissertation was autism and the role of therapy.  I also have training and knowledge in assessing and supporting individuals with associated sensory processing difficulties.  


I offer tailored counselling input for people both pre- and post-diagnosis, and also offer support for those who have a relationship with an autistic. family member or friend..

I can support you with:

  • understanding what living with autism means to you;

  • exploring your relationships with others;

  • understanding social interactions and managing challenges;

  • exploring your emotions and managing times when they may feel overwhelming or confusing;

  • understanding the ways you think about things and how this can affect how you feel;

  • managing sensory processing issues which may make you hyper sensitive or under sensitive in certain environments;

  • managing feelings of anxiety;

  • managing feelings of anger;

  • exploring coping strategies for certain situations and your everyday life;

  • exploring your strengths and sense of identity.

I also offer online counselling (using Zoom) if this feels more comfortable for you.

I am proud to be accredited as an Autism Ambassador, raising awareness and providing reasonable adjustments to meet the needs of people who are looking for support.

Please do contact me if you feel you could benefit from counselling support. I will be happy to discuss your needs and how I can help.

Telephone - 07393 423370

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