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Autism Assessments

For many people, the uncertainty of determining whether they are autistic or not can cause ongoing and significant anxiety and frustration.  

An autism diagnosis can be life changing.  It can offer a greater understanding about identity and how adjustments can be made for a happy and successful life. 


I am an autism assessor for the NHS with many years experience assessing sensory processing issues which are often present for autistic individuals;  I am now able to offer thorough private assessments for adults.  These can be booked without referral from your GP or the NHS.  I commit to completing assessments within 28 days of request.  

In addition to the assessment, I also provide the crucial guidance for my clients to understand how this fits with their everyday life, and how they, and those around them,  can make helpful adjustments.

The process:

  • Initial pre-assessment to determine the likely benefits of undergoing the full assessment process.  This includes a discussion and completion of assessment questionnaires. I will not suggest a full assessment if I do not feel it will be in your best interests, or if a multi-disciplinary assessment is more appropriate. 

  • If proceeding to the full assessment: 

    • Full interview/discussion to explore developmental history, education, employment, relationships, health, interests and engagement in activities.  A family member or friend is welcome to accompany you. 

    • RAADS-r questionnaire assessment - you will be supported to complete this.

    • For those identifying as female, I offer an additional assessment to explore the specific traits associated with females which are often under or misdiagnosed. 

    • Where appropriate, I offer a Sensory Processing assessment 

  • Follow up appointment to discuss the outcome and recommendations.

  • A further appointment to discuss further the outcome and what it means for you going forward.  I endeavour to ensure that this is strengths based, focussing on the benefits of the diagnosis. 


Please contact me directly to discuss your needs. .   



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